Here it is. Make your mixtape or your itunes playlist. It’s the songs from the 2008 Legisltive Session. Please feel free to post additional requests (I feel like Mark Wheat on The Current). UPDATE — I added a few songs. Budget Talks Highway to Hell – AC/DC – The status of budget negotiations. Tailspin – Read more

As the House and Senate determine whether they want to take up the budget bills, the House is taking up some other bills. The House passed a constitutional amendment asking voters to approve a citizens council to set legislative salaries and daily expense payments. Republicans ridiculed the proposal and tried to change the per diem Read more

There have been lots of talks about the Legislature moving forward with Plan B today. Well, Gov. Pawlenty asked them to pause in their push to pass legislation that he has promised to veto. He’s hoping that they could still hammer out an agreement on the budget. Pawlenty said the Tax Chairs and the Revenue Read more