As I posted earlier, the governor and legislative leaders will resume budget negotiations on Sunday afternoon. During a break in negotiations on Saturday night, Governor Pawlenty came out of his office and talked with the three committed reporters (Rachel Stassen-Berger, who has more about the night on the Political Animal, Eric Eskola and myself) who Read more

Governor Pawlenty and legislative leaders broke off budget talks at about 11 pm. They plan on meeting again at 1 pm on Sunday. They met behind closed doors for a total of five hours on Saturday. They didn’t reach an agreement but said they’re closer to resolving their differences on erasing the state’s $935 million Read more

Governor Pawlenty and his staff did some shifty dodging this afternoon to avoid the press corps. Several reporters (including me) were staking out budget negotiations and were waiting to speak with Gov. Pawlenty. When a reporter called and asked “Is the governor going to come out and talk with us or do we need to Read more