I’m told that Democrat Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer will be on TPT’s Almanac tonight. Nelson-Pallmeyer is vying for the DFL endorsement for the U.S. Senate with Al Franken. Republican Senator Norm Coleman is running for reelection. Coleman is also getting some fundraising help from former NYC Mayor (and former presidential candidate) Rudy Giuliani.

Gov. Pawlenty and legislative leaders will meet this weekend to negotiate their budget differences. That means plenty of political reporters will be standing/sitting/laying outside of the Governor’s Office waiting to see if a deal will be hammered out. We will also have plenty of really good questions like: Should we play Scrabble or bring a Read more

Governor Pawlenty cited some statistics this week from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council that said Minnesota was 49th in tax rankings for small business. Here’s what you need to know about the group. Some digging found that the group is headed by several GOP political heavy weights. Grover Norquist, with Americans for Tax Reform, Read more