Veto Day! Cuba, Real ID and non-profit grants go down.

Governor Pawlenty vetoed three bills (bill log not updated yet) late this afternoon.

He vetoed the transportation policy bill because it included a measure that would require the state to opt out of federal driver’s license standards. The governor said in his veto letter that he understands the cost and privacy concerns of adopting REAL I.D. but wrote “we should be careful not to unduly restrict our ability to at least begin preparations for implementing the system.”

Pawlenty also vetoed a resolution urging Congress to end trade, financial and travel restrictions against Cuba. Pawlenty said the state would benefit from increased trade with the island country but the federal government, not state legislatures, should address foreign policy matters. The legislative librarian said it’s extremely rare for a governor to veto a resolution. DFL Rep. Phyllis Kahn (an author to the resolution) said she was shocked by the veto since Minnesota’s Ag Commissioner just returned from a trade mission to Cuba.

Pawlenty also vetoed a bill that would allow political subdivisions to make grants to non-profits. The governor said in his veto letter that “At a time when many political subdivisions are raising property taxes and requesting additional local government aid, granting political subdivisions authority to use taxpayer money to make unlimited charitable contributions or initiate new grant programs is simply not warranted.”

  • bob

    Who wants to bet a fancy new purple $5 bill that most of these vetoes are part of Pawlenty’s veepstakes bid? Vetoing a resolution is so unheard of, it has to be connected to his desire for a McCain-Pawlenty ticket being able to win in Florida. And on REAL ID, both the NGA and NCSL are trying to repeal it, and despite his role with NGA, he wants to veto it? Makes no sense until one considers McCain is for REAL ID. That backfires down south though, where states like Gerogia and S Carolina are leading the charge against REAL ID, and where Pawlenty would already be a weak VP choice. Pawlenty won’t play well down there with Southern GOPers even more with that stance. At least the political subdivision bill veto isn’t about running for federal office.

  • George Hayduke

    So if Timmy the Tool believes that foreign policy is the under the purview of the federal government and not the state, wouldn’t that logic dictate that local government grants to nonprofits should be under the purview of local governments and not the state? What’s sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander…