The Daily Digest: 4-23-08

Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary. AP and the New York Times have stories. Indiana and North Carolina are next.

Delta acquisition of NWA

A DFL lawmaker wants NWA to pay damages if they don’t live up to commitments in a contract with the state of Minnesota. The Pi Press and KARE have stories.

The airline executives say fares will go up as Delta and NWA report losses.

The airlines also prepare to lobby Congress. The Hill and Cox News Services have stories.

Legislature and State Government

Gov. Pawlenty announces his appointments to his 21st Century Tax Reform Commission.

House Taxes hears the pitch for a subsidy for the Mall of America. WCCO, the Star Tribune and KARE have stories.

Forum Communications writes about the Ag and Vets bill.

A report gives high marks on the bridge collapse response.

The Upper Midwest leads the nation in drunken driving.

A judge rules the MPCA must regulate ballast water.


The feds have expanded the investigation into PFCs in the Mississippi River.

Democrats want to investigate oil market speculation in light of soaring gas prices. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is mentioned.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar will question the NTSB today on the bridge investigation. AP and MPR have stories

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is urging reconciliation among Somali factions. The Star Tribune and AP have stories.

The Hill says the Fair Pay Act could be a political issue for Coleman this election season.

President Bush urged Farm Bill negotiators to give up and extend the current Farm Bill for one year.

The Delta Queen may be sunk. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

2008 Race for Senate

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman will be in Hutchinson on Friday to discuss his health care plan.

The New York Times says People for the American Way is targeting Coleman on judges. The story focuses on pay discrimination. Here’s the release from the group.

2008 Race for Congress

The Star Tribune says Democrat El Tinklenberg has run into some controversy regarding taconite tailings. The 6th District DFL endorsing convention between Tinklenberg and Bob Olson is on Saturday.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

Tom Ridge makes a stop in Minnesota.

A MSNBC host says South Dakota Senator John Thune is a likely VP choice.

2008 RNC

Legal scholars tell protesters about their rights.

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