The Daily Digest: 4-17-08

Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race leads the Digest today. In particular, Al Franken’s admission that his corporation didn’t pay corporate income taxes in California. MPR, KARE, the Star Tribune, the Pi Press and AP have stories.

An anti-war group will start running ads against Norm Coleman.

The Hill says the ad running in support of Coleman didn’t rank highly with focus groups.

Legislature and State Government

The Minnesota House blocks a plan that would offer tax breaks to move Delta’s headquarters in Minnesota. Gov. Pawlenty said earlier this week that he offered tax breaks and incentives but it didn’t work. The Star Tribune and AP have stories.

Budget negotiations begin and there’s disagreement over the health care access fund. KARE, MPR, the Star Tribune and the Pi Press have stories.

The Senate approves a bill for surrogate mother contracts. MPR and AP have stories.

GOP Rep. Tony Cornish proposes a bill that would allow college students to carry guns on campus.

WCCO reality checks the medical marijuana fight.


The Senate goes after offshore tax havens. GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is mentioned.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum proposes a constitutional amendment to end the death penalty.

The Hill says more freshman members of Congress have not been to Afghanistan. DFL Rep. Keith Ellison did make the trip.

MnDOT will not seek federal earmarks for the DeSoto Bridge saving GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann a headache.

The Hill also writes about the turnover in Bachmann’s office.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is still speaking out about Delta’s acquisition of NWA.

The U.S. sets hazardous materials rules for trains. Oberstar is mentioned

Great Lakes cleanup could mean millions for Duluth.

The House passed an extension to the Farm Bill. DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

2008 Race for President

The Democratic candidates debate in Philly.

A poll says John McCain is winning back many unhappy Republicans.

2008 Race for Congress

Both parties are focusing on the 3rd Congressional District.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz has the fundraising lead in the 1st.

Politico says Republican Erik Paulsen has been a standout fundraiser in a difficult year for the GOP.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

The editor for Human Events says it’s probably Pawlenty. interviews Pawlenty. Here’s the most interesting quote from the governor:

“I’ve got people in Minnesota saying ‘well, this guy is the most conservative governor we’ve ever had,” Pawlenty told me during a recent interview, “Not just recently, but in the history of the state. And I’m proud of that.”

Mitt Romney says it’s “unlikely” that he’ll be picked to be McCain’s running mate but would “absolutely” take the job.

The National Review says you can probably scratch South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford off the VP list.

2008 RNC Convention

A judge won’t move up a hearing which was requested by protesters.

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