Seifert loses Magilla Gorilla’s vote

The House is debating the bonding bill this mornning. One interesting part of the debate was when GOP House Minority Leader Marty Seifert tried to remove funding for a gorilla center at the Como Zoo and use that money for school improvements.

“Members you have a choice, you can pick the school kids or the gorillas,” Seifert said.

Magilla Gorilla may not be too happy with Seifert’s action.

DFL Rep. Mindy Greiling said Seifert didn’t need to make the amendment if he didn’t practice guerilla warfare on the state budget last year.

Seifert’s amendment failed.

UPDATE: A DFL staffer points out that Gov. Pawlenty has supported funding for zoos in his 2004 bonding bill. There’s even a picture of the gov playing with dolphins.

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