Will you be my valentine?

The U.S. Senate race is all about the love. First, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says GOP Sen. Norm Coleman hearts John McCain:

“For years Norm Coleman has been a foot soldier for President Bush, now he’s beginning to take his marching orders from John McCain too,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “Norm Coleman can’t be counted on to stand up for the people of Minnesota, but he can always be counted on to be the Republican Party’s biggest cheerleader. He may not be giving him chocolates or flowers, but this Valentine’s Day it’s clear that Norm Coleman is John McCain’s biggest admirer.”

But the Coleman campaign is using Valentine’s Day to point out Democrat Al Franken’s love. On a website, Coleman’s campaign uses those little heart candies to rip Franken on everything from the gas tax to the war in Iraq.

Can you feel the love?

  • Daniel Wargo

    Let us hope the DFL candidates can unite to defeat Senator Coleman . I am sending financial support to Al Franken , and wish he would tackle the hard truth that we all, especially those given the big Bush tax breaks starting in 2003, will have to pay more taxes to : 1. Pay the national debt to keep our currency viable so we won’t have to pay $8.00 for a loaf of bread…someday soon…

    2. Institute national health care with electronic records like other ‘grown up’ countries have done (including Mexico ) .

    3. Create Fair Trade out of the nafta/wto mess so that we don’t subsidize other countries with our service economy .

    It is crucial for Minnesota to elect a Democrat to the US Senate especially if the presidential election goes to McCain , the handmaiden of ‘stay-the-course’ in Iraq (Arabic for, ‘quagmire’…) . Thanks, Dan Wargo