Group hits Walz on intelligence law

A group called the Defense of Democracies has started running an ad in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District. The group is criticizing the House for failing to vote for an extension to a terrorist surveillance law. Here’s the ad.

The Foundation of Defense of Democracies says they are “the only nonpartisan policy institute dedicated exclusively to promoting pluralism, defending democratic values, and fighting the ideologies that drive terrorism.”

There’s some other background on the group here and here.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz said the ad is reckless:

“Implying that America’s surveillance against terrorists is crippled is a lie. What’s worse, this group has encouraged terrorists to think our country’s surveillance system is weak, when nothing could be further from the truth. Why on earth would any group go on television and claim that America’s intelligence agencies can’t do their job?”

The Owatonna People’s Press writes about the ad flap here.

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  • First District Resident

    Walz and his house colleagues recklessly went on vacation leaving the senate bill, which extended our surveillance abilities on the table.

    We’re now back to 1978 when we have to go to a court first, ask for a warrant and hope that by the time we get the warrant approved we haven’t lost the call. We live in a world where people can buy disposable cell phones by the truck load. Leaving Washington while FISA is broken is the most irresponsible thing Congress has done in recent memory.

  • Zol Heyman

    So what is Donna Brazile doing on The Board of Advisors for the Defense of Democracies with all of those conservatives and neo-cons?

    You can excuse Schumer and Lautenberg because of their proximity to 9/11, but Donna Brazile?

    What’s that about?

  • sfHeath

    First District Resident, your post is factually incorrect. The FISA bill – updated numerous times, up to and including 2006 – provides for immediate surveillance of Americans as long as the warrant application takes place within three days.

    As always, no warrant is necessary for surveillance of non-American targets.

    As has been proven numerous times throughout human history, those in political power will abuse surveillance if there is no oversight. All anyone is asking for is a warrant.

    Why does the Bush Administration have to junk the 4th Amendment?