The Daily Digest: 1-7-08

My spidey senses say the 2008 campaign is ramping up. Want to know why?

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman will talk about his weekend visit to Iraq at a news conference this afternoon. Gov. Pawlenty will be talking illegal immigration at an afternoon news conference. It’s almost two years to the day that he talked about a similar proposal.

The Minnesota steering committee for Mike Huckabee will be announced today. Former Republican Jim Hovland is also officially announcing that he’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s 3rd as a DFLer.

The Department of Public Safety is investigating why some workers were improperly using the state’s driver’s license database.

Protesters greet Gov. Pawlenty at his climate change meeting in Ely.

Pawlenty says he may participate in a trip to the Arctic in May.

Midwestern Governors are working to protect the Great Lakes.

Few businesses are seeking aid after the bridge collapse.

Worthington area lawmakers give a session preview.


Minnesota is still projected to lose a Congressional seat in 2010.

The Star Tribune says Minnesotans are deeply involved in a fight over requiring photo ids for voting.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar talks about her first year in office with KSTP.

An official with the National Secretaries of State says Klobuchar’s bill calling for a regional primary may not pass constitutional muster.

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad’s mental health parity bill is written up in a Panama City newspaper.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison is trying to help to those who are facing foreclosure.


Presidential committees gear up in Minnesota. MPR, AP and the Star Tribune have stories.

The Pi Press writes about Obama’s Minnesota team which includes DFL Rep. Betty McCollum, DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.

MPR says not all Minnesota Evangelicals back Huckabee.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin has an analysis saying people are unhappy with President Bush and the direction of the country. Really.

Gov. Pawlenty says he’s worried the GOP may not be attracting the youth vote.

Two Republicans will challenge GOP Rep. Mark Olson.

  • bsimon

    “GOP Sen. Norm Coleman will talk about his weekend visit to Iraq at a news conference this afternoon.”

    I’m curious to hear how he portrays events in Iraq. This AMs summary of the surge was an interesting reminder of what was promised and what’s been delivered. Sen Coleman was against the surge at the time; where does he stand now? More importantly, is the surge ‘successful’ despite the lack of political progress & the new high for annual casualties?