Pawlenty hits the airwaves on global warming

Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano (a Democrat) are appearing in a radio ad urging Congress to take action on climate change. Environmental Defense is running the ad in the districts of those who sit on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Dan Cronin, a spokesman for Environmental Defense, says they want the House and Senate to pass the Warner/Lieberman Climate Change Bill this year.

Cronin says they chose Pawlenty and Napolitano because they are well regarded in both parties and have taken state action to address climate change. Several western governors also appeared on TV advocating action on climate change. You can listen to the Pawlenty/Napolitano ad here.

  • Although I appreciate anyone who wants to address the critical issue of global warming, it is very unlikely that mankind will cut their emissions so fast and drastically that either abrupt climate change or runaway global warming will be avoided.

    Carbon sinks will become carbon emitters as the Earth warms, not only overwhelming any emission cut we make with increased natural emissions, but also substancially reducting the amount of CO2 nature removes from the air.

    Instead, any feasible planetary rescue plan must include a method of removing CO2 from the air. I suggest the low cost method of “biosequestration.”

    Read my blog at for more information.

    Unfortuately, our Governor Pawlenty, prescribing only drastic emission cuts, is as bad as a global warming denier, because his unfeasible strategy will end in a climate catastrophe.

  • James Olson

    I don’t appreciate politicians fighting to stop global warming. I believe that its premature to draw any conclusions. Senator Inhofe released a government report in December of 2007 citing 400 prolific scientists who stated that global warming either was not happening, or was happening, but not caused by human’s interaction with the environment.

    Govt Report