Dahle wins SD 25, Senate now veto proof

Mr. Tim Pugmire reports:

The DFL majority in the Minnesota Senate will grow to 45 seats after a special election in southern Minnesota. DFLer Kevin Dahle, a Northfield high school teacher, will fill the vacant seat in Senate District 25. Dahle won 55% of the vote in Thursday’s special election. Republican Ray Cox, a former state representative from Northfield, followed with 42%. Vance Norgaard, the Independence Party candidate had 2%.

Governor Pawlenty called the special election after appointing Republican Senator Tom Neuville of Northfield to the bench in the Third Judicial District. Neuville had held the Senate seat since 1991. Senate Republicans will now number 22.

District 25 includes LeSueur County, and parts of Rice, Scott and Sibley counties.

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