Why no Huckaboom in Minnesota?

Bill Salisbury with the Pioneer Press writes a great story on Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s meteoric rise in Iowa. One of the fascinating lines in his piece is this:

Iowa may be a must-win state for Huckabee. Unlike Romney and Giuliani, who have well-financed national campaign operations, he has little money and almost no organization outside Iowa.

That was apparent at the Minnesota Republicans’ State Central Committee meeting Dec. 8 in Blaine. Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, Hunter and Paul had volunteers at tables handing out lapel stickers, posters and T-shirts to the party’s 300 leading activists. The Huckabee campaign was AWOL.

Carey, the party chairman, said he couldn’t even find a Huckabee contact in the state, much less get national campaign operatives to return his phone calls.

I was told by someone that former Governor Al Quie was backing Huckabee but Quie just told me that it was “strictly humor and rumor.”

I checked the FEC site to see who is supporting Huckabee in Minnesota. Here’s what I found:

Total number of Minnesotans who gave to Huckabee through 9/30: 12

Total contributions from Minnesota donors: $5911

Largest contribution: Peter Schoon of Orono gave at total of $1600. He’s the CEO of System Support Solutions.

Smallest contribution: Larry Orth, a Calvary Church Pastor in Rochester, gave $30.

Interesting tidbit: Two Wal-Mart employees gave to Huckabee’s campaign. Kimberly Little, of Maplewood, is a Wal-Mart cashier. Wendy Jones, of Bovey, is a stocker for Wal-Mart.

Of course, all of these contributions came before Huckabee started surging in the polls. Expect to see a few more Minnesota names on the updated list.

  • MNDem

    Former State Sen. Duane Benson supports Huckabee.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Those are figures through September 30, Tom? If that’s the case, they’re ancient history already. There was no Huckaboom, back then–it didn’t start until he picked up pastor’s endorsements in Iowa and until his anti-Romney Mormonism campaign paid off. That was months later. The evangelical right wasn’t firmly behind anybody back in September. (They weren’t firmly behind anybody at that point; they were complaining about the lack of an acceptable GOP candidate back then, even though Huck and Brownback were both around.)

    Don’t downplay his chances in Minnesota yet. If he takes Iowa and knocks Romney out, his “organization” in Minnesota and other states will kick in and he will be in a far better position than any of the Romney, Giuliani, Paul etc. campaigns. It’s already in existence–it’s not called the “Huckabee campaign” and it’s not subject to campaign finance regulation, it’s called the evangelical political movement. It’s already in Minnesota; it’s got its own radio stations in Minnesota, for heaven’s sake…

    They’re just waiting, waiting to see whether Huckabee can beat Romney in Iowa…

  • Daniel Wargo

    As a Democrat, can I ask the questions: ‘What would Huckabee do about the situation in Iraq ?’…The National Debt of $9 Trillion Dollars…?’ I am always happy to see a ‘David’ going after a ‘Goliath’, however, what would he do as President ?…And with all due respect to his religious beliefs, what would he wish for the poorest, the most ill, the least protected of us..? How can we take him seriously unless he tells us what his ideas are for our National Life ?