Iraq war veteran announces 3rd District DFL run

J. Ashwin Madia, a Twin Cities lawyer and Marine Corps veteran, announced today he’s running for Congress from the 3rd District. He says he will abide by the DFL endorsement. In a release announcing his campaign he said he wants to end the war in Iraq.

“We must have the courage to change course in Iraq. Through my time in Iraq, I learned firsthand that Americans cannot end this war militarily – Iraqis will have to end the conflict politically. We must have leaders in Congress who understand this conflict and our military. I want to go to Washington to bring the war to an end by changing our mission, changing our strategy, and most importantly, dramatically reducing our presence in Iraq,” he said.

Madia is the son of Indian immigrants. He graduated from Osseo Senior High School and the University of Minnesota, where he served as student body president. He got his law degree at New York University School of Law.

He was an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2003 until 2006. He worked as a judge advocate in Baghdad, Iraq from September 2005 until March 2006.

Madia is the first DFLer to formally announce his campaign, although state Sen. Terri Bonoff has been raising money for a run.

  • Bonoff hasn’t announced her campaign? The article in last week’s Sun newspaper sounded like an announcement to me, in fact it sounded like a press release.