The Daily Digest: 9-11-07

It’s primary day for city races in St. Paul, Duluth and other communities. It is also the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Governor Pawlenty has ordered that flags fly at half staff on state property.

State lawmakers are headed back to St. Paul today for a special session that will focus on disaster relief. MPR, the Star Tribune, the Pi Press, Forum Communications,

KARE-11, WCCO, AP, KSTP and Fox9 have stories.

The session will not focus on transportation or tax relief.

Some lawmakers are disappointed with the narrow focus.

Other Brainerd area lawmakers react as well.

Patients, doctors and HMOs will be able to share patient records under a new plan. MPR, the Star Tribune and the Pi Press have stories.

DEED says a new steel plant could create thousands of jobs in northeastern Minnesota.


Minnesota lawmakers react to the Petraeus report.

Listen to an interview with GOP Rep. John Kline here. He agrees with the assessment.

AP says Minnesota Democrats are not impressed with the troop withdrawal plan.

NPR says GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is one of a handful of GOP senators who can swing the Iraq debate.

This analysis says it causes political trouble for both parties.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman asks if the Bin Laden video is a signal or some sort.

The Senate approves $1 billion for new bridges.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig wants to withdrawal his plea. MPR and the Pi Press have stories.

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad is mentioned in this story on tele-townhalls.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says any more cuts to the Farm Bill will mean its DOA.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is worried about heavy trucks on the nation’s highways.


Singer Paul Simon is raising money for Al Franken.

An environmental advocate interviews Al Franken.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Okay, that’s the second time in a few days, Tom:

    It’s “Petraeus”, not “Patraeus,” as you guys have it (once in a headline). I usually don’t care about this spelling nonsense, but I keep recommending this site to other people and it’s starting to embarrass *me.*

  • Katherine Driskell

    Here’s the other editing issue:

    Apparently Minnesota gets more than its fair share of representation in the (singular) person of Norm Coleman:

    “NPR says GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is a handful of GOP senators who can swing the Iraq debate.”

    I thought Mr. Coleman was just *one* mere mortal–not a whole handful of mortals!

    You do good work. Thanks.

  • tom scheck

    tough day for the ‘ol digest. Thanks for keeping me honest!

  • Debra

    As someone who likes to read the MN political blogs, but rarely posts, I must say Bill Prendergrast your writings are so long winded, monotonous, and ubiquitous. I am embarrassed to refer people to sites where you have posted because they might think I enjoy reading you. I am also embarrassed and feel sorry for you because it seems like you have nothing better to do than troll sites and write lengthy posts. Please get a new hobby and take lessons in succinct writing.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Dear Debra:

    I don’t troll sites, and it’s spelled “Prendergast.”

  • Katherine Driskell

    I came back because I recognized Bill’s name as the same as the author of a book I recently read. I was wondering, if you are the author, if there was a way I could get connected with you. I’d like to ask the author of the book a question or two about the subject matter. Could I oblige MPR to send my email address to Mr. Prendergast on the odd chance that he IS that author (who ought to be living in New Jersey, if it’s the same guy, but perhaps there is more than one man with the same name)? I’d rather not post my own email address for the whole world to see.