The Daily Digest: 6-19-07

City leaders across Minnesota are starting to ask Governor Pawlenty to call a special session. The Austin City Council and Moorhead officials both want one.

Gov. Pawlenty has a news conference this afternoon to announce that the National Guard members in Iraq will start to come back to Minnesota.

State Health Commissioner Diane Mandernach defends her decision on keeping health data from the public.

DFL House Speaker Margaret Kelliher will recap the session in Rochester.

DFL Senate Tax Chair Tom Bakk says he may be interested in convening a stadium study group during the interim.


Immigration is still being considered in the U.S. Senate. GOP Senator Norm Coleman will try again to get his amendment on the bill. It would allow local, state and federal officials to ask a person their immigration status. AP says the Democrats are letting him offer the amendment to better persuade him to vote for the bill.

Coleman tells Forum Communications that he supports tougher fuel economy standards.

But the Detroit News says the auto, coal and utilities industries are working to derail the bill. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar gets her picture in the paper.

The Hill says big oil is also expecting a big tax hit. Klobuchar is mentioned.

Employers don’t like the mental health parity bill that is supported by GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says it’s cool to implement COOL in 2008. That’s country of origin labeling for all of you non farm bill watchers.

The movement to reform the Farm Bill unites the left and the right, says Investor’s Business Daily.

Peterson also opposes the proposed satellite radio merger.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar says he’s optimistic about a deal that would allow Tom Petters to take over the closed Duluth maintenance facility.

New Jersey Governor John Corzine (a Democrat) says the public interest comes first in terms of turnpike privatization. Oberstar is mentioned.


MN Campaign Report interviews possible U.S. Senate candidates Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer


Bill Clinton comes to town. The Star Tribune, the Pi Press and KARE-11 have stories.


A bald eagle from Wabasha is headed to Washington.

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