Republican state senator Dick Day says he’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s 1st District

Day says he filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission. Day was just elected to the Minnesota Senate from Owatonna for the sixth time. He was first elected in 1990. Day was the Senate Minority Leader for eight years but withdrew his name from consideration after his party lost seats in the past election. He says he wants to get into a race that is 21 months away because he has to raise money. Day estimates he needs about $1.5 million dollars to defeat first term DFL Congressman Tim Walz.

“I don’t have a lot of hobbies. I’m not a golf player. I get up early in the morning. I like politics so I figured, hey, let’s take a shot at it.”

Day says he’s not sure if he will quit the race if he loses the Republican endorsement. He also didn’t offer specifics on policy issues. He says he’ll release those ideas as the campaign goes on.

“I think I have to spend a year having people get to know me around the district. A year from now we’ll probably get into the heavy issues that are out there. They’ll either be some of the same issues or some of the issues will be brand new. I think I need to get myself out around so people get to know who I am.”

Day says one of his qualities is that he’s been a lifelong resident of the district.

Update: Audio of Day’s comments is posted here.

He also gave me some campaign lit that had a Web site listed but I’m not linking to it because it hasn’t been activated yet.

Mark Meyer, a Lake Crystal-Wellcome School Board member has also formed an exploratory committee to run as a Republican.

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