The Daily Digest #2: 12-21-06

A task force releases its findings on the timber industry. AP has the story.

MPR wonders “Who is Bob Perry?”

Stateline reports that Governor Pawlenty isn’t sending out Christmas cards this year and receives the wrath of Wonkette.

Attorney General-elect Lori Swanson proposes help for veterans. AP has the story.

Members have been named to committees in the Minnesota House. Hopefully, you’ll be able to link to it here at some point.


CQ calls Tim Walz “everyman” and writes about his comings and goings after he won his election.

The Daily Journal in Fergus Falls talks to the locals (including soldiers and their families) about the war in Iraq.

Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode who warned of more Muslims in the U.S. defends his statements and won’t retract them. He made the comments because DFL Congressman-elect Keith Ellison says he will swear on the Quran when he takes the oath of office. The Muslim American Society sends Goode a Quran.

Farmweek says DFL Congressman Collin Peterson supports permanent disaster relief for farmers.

Finally, Keith Ellison’s send off is January 2nd. You can find out the details here.

  • I have to be honest, I’m really surprised that your article went so in depth on Perry and didn’t mention his $300,000 fine from the FEC his group received last week. Other than that, though, great piece.