Fantasy Legislature — Call for entries

OK, we’re ready to go. No artwork or fancy stuff yet, but the form is available online to sign up and the rules are posted.

Go here. But go quickly because I have to draft the teams next Thursday.

Tell your friends!

  • Bob Collins

    Minor adjustment in originally posted rules. Each team has to have at least 2 members of each party. In other words, no stacking teams with DFLers.

    So if you submit a list, you might want to add an extra few names of “the other party members” separately to fill out the final two spots.

  • Ok… the Minnetonka Redress has submitted their draft, and has started a diary at MN Campaign report. You can read all about my strategy here…

    Big thanks to Bob for putting this together… not a small undertaking.

  • It was a choice between The Confidential Sources or the Deep Throats, but I figured MPR would be more comfortable with The Confidential Sources – you’re welcome Bob 🙂

    Doubly awesome that this is leading to diaries at MNCR!

  • mike

    Would it be possible to spread the draft out over a day or two? Say after the first two rounds the draft picks are announced and then teams can readjust their priorities for the upcoming rounds.

    With no adjustments being able to be made through all six rounds a team could easily find itself heavy on Senate legs. or House legs. Even a short window of opportunity of a couple of hours to adjust after the first couple rounds would allow for a bit more strategy for later rounds. Just a thought.

  • Bob Collins

    Normally, I’d say “sure,” but normally I’d have started this a month ago. The problem is I’m up against a deadline of next Saturday, with the session starting the following week.

    I expect that as soon as the rosters are announced, folks are immediately going to look at the waiver pool for some “sleepers” and get rid of some folks they don’t want. Or they’re going to want to propose trades to other managers.

    Either way there’s got to be some time built in for “churn” before the rosters are “frozen” on the weekend for the next week.

    What folks CAN do if they want to make sure they don’t get Senate heavy or House heavy is to send some additional draft directions along (they can email me) that says something like “If I get my top two picks in the Senate, draft the rest of the squad from the list, but only House members.”

    Stuff like that.

    The problem with allowing just a short window is that everyone’s schedule is different and they may not be able to get to it in a timely manner. So I try to think in 24 hour chunks.

    I think what’s going to happen is folks will get their “teams” and see a lot of good players still sitting in the waiver pool. And, of course, I have to allow a certain period of time (in this case Friday) for people to submit their waiver pick-ups and roster drops.

  • Bob’s right… I doubt there is any good way to make the draft flexible and spread over a day or two. There is time to make adjustments after the draft if you find yourself Senate heavy.

    It will be interesting to see other people’s lineups, and if they add/drop anyone after the draft. I hope everyone might show their 30 sometime after the draft.

    Minnetonka Redress

  • mike

    The Bemidji Beavers are in! It should be fun. Thanks Bob for all of your efforts.

  • That is, of course, if we remember. I would have to ask Bob for that list.

    I mean…..yes I utilized a rational analysis of bills and authors over several sessions to come up with m draft strategy……and wrote it down before I entered it. Yes. That is what I did. You betcha.

  • Bob Collins

    As of this morning (Saturday), we have 19 teams. One more and we’ll have a full league (and I’ll start a second grouping, assuming we can get 20 more)

    Once a league is full, I guess I could probably draft the players onto the teams without having to wait until Thursday. Not sure I can get to that this weekend, though.

    This is very cool.

  • Yay! 20 Teams!

  • Bob Collins

    I’m pretty sure we can get a fully-stocked 2nd group of 20. If we get , say, 17 or 18, I think we’d go ahead and then just draft a couple of “house” teams until we found someone to take them on.

    The thing is, though, I probably won’t go beyond two full-stocked leagues. So keep an eye on the team page and if it’s getting close to 20 and you haven’t submitted your list, hustle up.