Politics in church

These are the times when I also want to hear the discussion about the role of church in politics.

Meanwhile, MPR’s Elizabeth Stawicki has a fine non-political look at how some Evangelical Christians are defining themselves.

  • Drew Johnson

    The Emergent Church and Christian progressives article was done very well. There’s a big rabbit hole to fall into in regard to discussions about how ‘Emergence’ fits into the Evangelical kaleidoscope, but it definitely was a good start…nicely pertaining to the local elections.

    Another something to take a gander at, politically speaking in terms of Evangelicals is the kerfluffle that Greg Boyd of the big East Metro Woodland Hills Church is causing by suggesting that Evangelicals get out of the political game altogether.

    By the bye, I go to neither Solly’s Porch nor Woodland Hills, but both the emergent church and Boyd’s recent focus have their effects on other congregations…including my own.