WSJ/Zogby Poll says governor’s race tight, Klobuchar still leads

The Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll says DFLer Mike Hatch is leading Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty in the governor’s race. But the poll shows Hatch leading by just .1%! The poll says Hatch got 45%. Pawlenty is polling at 44.9%. I-P candidate Peter Hutchinson is polling at 7.4%. With a margin of error of 3.6% this race is tighter than a rusty old lugnut on an old 1974 Chevy (sorry for the Dan Ratherism). You can see the results here .

The poll says Democrat Amy Klobuchar is leading Republican Mark Kennedy in the U.S. Senate race. Klobuchar is polling at 50.2%. Kennedy is polling at 42.7%. The margin of error on both polls is plus or minus 3.6%.

  • Bob Collins

    The Republicans hate John Zogby (who, by the way, just signed on as a host of a replacement for Air America) almost as much as they hate Rob Davies (Strib pollster).

    Will be interesting to see if the Zogby poll gets championed by the GOP today.