What’s the matter? You’re looking kind of… down.

OK, I’m working kind of hard today. I’m trying to get the 5th District Select A Candidate done by the end of the day, my colleague who also works in online news is out today, I’ve got the Current casts to do, the Campaign 2006 site is always in need of updating, and there’s a bunch of little piddly news stuff to do on the site.

But when Michael Popham, one of the unsung heroes in our listener services department, calls, I drop what I’m doing because, well, we’re public radio. Or ain’t you heard?

Michael says someone just called up to complain about this picture we slapped together last night to go on the Midday page. See if you can find the complaint.


While we’re waiting for you to find that, here’s some background on our photographic genius at MPR.

We’re a radio station.

We’re not that great in the old photography department. We pretty much specialize in pictures of people standing — sometimes sitting — in front of microphones. Perhaps you’ve noticed. A newspaper photographer once told one of our reporters, “your pictures look like reporters take them under duress.” That one still gets me.

Our Midday assistant producer — Midday, being a radio show — threw this thing together last night… late… way past when we would have expected him to go home. OK, so I’ve burst the bubble. There’s nobody here like “Animal,” in the old Lou Grant series.

OK, I think we’re ready now, here’s the complaint.


Wetterling wasn’t looking up. Binkowski and Bachmann were.

And now… if you please… I’m going back to my Dilbertian cubicle and do some work.

  • Actually I totally agree with him. Not only wasn’t Wetterling “looking up” in that first photo, she wasn’t “looking good” at all. The other two have nice photogenic pictures, and Wetterling looks like a deflated balloon.

    Do I think it makes a big difference? No. But is it a legitimate complaint? Certainly.

    You guys aren’t “just” a “public radio station,” you’re the biggest freakin’ public radio service in the nation, with millions of dollars at your disposal; you’re the empire of King Kling.

    Sure this error was just tiny splash during this political hurricane, but don’t play the victim. Basic editorial standards would have called for a better picture.

  • Well, I went 0-2.

    1) Wetterling campaign complained because they were afraid it would look to her supporters like she was praying

    2) Bachmann campaign complained because she was the only one with part of her face covered up by the microphone

    (And Binkowski was just happy to be in the photo)

    And I’m kidding. It is Friday after all.

  • Bob Collins

    Albatross, I feel your pain.

    In fact, one of the things that drives me crazy is every night around midnight, when I’m sitting at my kitchen table in my pajamas — or around dawn when I’m scrafing down my oatmeal while updating the Web site…. when my wife wants me to come to bed or the dog wants me to take him for a walk.

    The nerve. “Hey, do you know who you’re talking to,” I tell them in an admonishing way. “You’re talking to the biggest freakin’ public radio service in the nation.”

    They usually aren’t impressed. And the dog ends up “ralphing” on the carpet.

    Like I care.

  • Preston Wright

    And I thought someone had complained that Michelle Bachmann should be on the far right.

  • rew

    “2) Bachmann campaign complained because she was the only one with part of her face covered up by the microphone”

    Funny, I though tthat was the issue, too.

  • bsimon

    People! The post is a unit. Clearly the title indicates the Wetterling pic is the problem. Well, maybe the problem is that radio personalities are being asked to become photographers, but I think my point is made.

  • Lily

    Actually I thought it would be that Bachmann was the only one with a name tag which gives her an edge over the unidentified candidates.

    Or then again, some people have too much time on their hands…

    Want something to worry about?

    How about the environment, the war, education, health care, etc. sigh


  • Diane

    I came across this website by accident,Come on Patty looks terrible compared to the rest. Who are you kidding?