What I really meant to say.. Part XXII

Wouldn’t you think by now, John Kerry would hire someone who could write him a speech that wouldn’t force him to start every subsequent speech with “what I really meant to say…”?

I’m going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt — and only because nobody can be that stupid to call the soldier in Iraq stupid. But this is what happens when politicians try to play to the news media, looking for the pithy, 7-second quote that will lead the nightly news instead of just trying to be literate.

Nice timing. Kerry will be in Minnesota campaigning for the Dems tomorrow.

  • John Beamish

    Can we call a spade a spade? For the vast majority of our soldiers in Iraq what Kerry said is true. You don’t join the Marine Corp at 18 if you’re a stellar student. Of course there are exceptions.

  • bsimon

    As usual, Kerry, while making a reasonable point, gives his opponents ammunition with which to ridicule him. The guy should do himself a favor and retire.

  • Bob Collins

    I can’t thinkof a better way for Republicans to turn the tide than to sit back and let a few Democrats make that point — that soldiers really are stupid — in blogs and talk shows in the next 6 days, even while they waste time and money trying to undo the damage..

    They — unwittingly — have given Republicans the image of the smug Democrat passing judgment on the intelligence of soldiers. Boy, that’s even dumber than a romp in the hot tub with teenage girls.

  • Bob Collins

    Bri, I’m going to assume that the person he was talking about not studying hard in school and getting “stuck” in Iraq was supposed to be President Bush.

    If it wasn’t, then John Kerry is Rush Limbaugh’s new best friend, for getting him off the hot seat.

    (Oh, by the way, disclaimer: my nephew is an F-18 carrier pilot — they don’t let stupid people fly those, by the way — with two tours in Iraq. He graduated high in his class… from Annapolis).

  • Chris

    “I can’t thinkof a better way for Republicans to turn the tide than to sit back and let Democrats make that point — that soldiers really are stupid — in blogs and talk shows in the next 6 days”

    Bob, come on. That’s a pretty offensive statement on your part, too. What Democrats have been saying anything like that? If you want to go after Kerry, fine. Since he’s the one who said it, he can explain what he meant and take the heat for it. But John Kerry is not “the Democrats,” okay?

  • Bob collins

    Of course, you’re right. I just assumed John was a Democrat because he defended Kerry’s point — even though — again, giving him the benefit of the doubt — it wasn’t Kerry’s point.

    I would suggest to “the Democrats” if anyone wants to defend Kerry…. the “let’s call a spade a spade” strategy isn’t a very good one.

    As for Kerry, well, if you’re going to make jokes, Iraq is probably not a good place to start.

    It’s just not funny.

  • David Greene

    Back in 2004 when Kerry got the nomination, I told a friend the next day that the Democrats just lost the race.

    This is a perfect example of why. Kerry comes off as someone completely out of touch with most of the country. The fact that he didn’t get a clue from the last presidential race and is trying again only further demonstrates the point.

    The Democrats can do a lot better than John Kerry. Or Hillary Clinton, for that matter.

  • http://mnstories.com Chuck Olsen

    “It’s just not funny.”

    Ever heard of the Daily Show, Bob?

    Bush and the Iraq War are the butt of most of the jokes. This week they’re at Ohio State and the kids are going wild. So there’s really nothing strange or even ill-advised about Kerry making a Bush/Iraq joke to a college crowd, if only he were remotely good at that sort of thing.

  • Bob Collins

    Nope. Iraq isn’t funny. Politicians are funny. In order for the joke to have been “funny,” it would have had to have had some component in it with something Bush said or did that is funny.

    THAT’S the nature of comedy.

    You can’t make a joke about Bush going to war in Iraq. It’s just not funny.

    You can — maybe — find something about Bush SAYING something about going to war in Iraq. But the act itself is not, in itself, comedy.

    That’s what comedians get, and politicians don’t.

    BTW, did you notice what story Jon Stewart DIDN’T touch in last night’s show?

    I wonder why?

  • John Beamish


    I am glad your nephew graduated top of his class and is a F-18 pilot but that’s not the majority of the armed forces is it?

    I am surprised that you don’t know that most of our military consists of underprivileged kids who don’t have many opportunities in life after high school. They usually come from rural areas or the inner city. How many kids from well-off families do you see serving as foot soldiers?

    My son is a junior at USC. Do you think I’d let him be cannon fodder for a stupid war?