What do you like?

I heard the question, I think, in one of the presidential debates in ’04 and I thought it was a fabulous question. And although I didn’t get a chance to hear the segment tonight in which it appeared again, Bob Reha reminded me it existed…

What one thing about your opponent do you like?

Gets to be at this time of the campaign, you get pretty tired of hearing the same old answers (can we please retire the “I’ve even got campaign contributions from ex-boyfriends and my husband says it’s not a growth industry,” NOW?), and if you spend a lot of time reading partisan blogs — I do — you begin to wonder whether anybody has anything nice to say about anybody else.

It’s a great question.

But then again, my favorite part of a football game is after it ends and the players get together with players on the other team.

  • Ted

    Bob- Keep in mind that you get tired of hearing the same old answers because you have been forced by your job to to hear them over and over again. Not the case for many of the people at the debate. If they are working, the debates will help people regular folks figure out who can best represent them. The boyfiend line is new to somebody in that audience and that is the person the candidate is trying to reach.

  • Bob Collins

    Understood, but here’s the downside. the first time you hear it — the first time *I* heard it anyway — I thought, “hey, pretty funny. She’s funny how she throws out that offhanded comment. Pretty sharp.”

    After you hear it 20-30 times you start to think, “hey, she’s scripted and staged and I wonder if she has anything else to say?”

    But, yeah, you’re right, at this stage the target is the people who’ve never heard it before.