What are people interested in?

First this disclaimer, the survey is definitely not scientific… don’t try this at home.. this page left intentionally blank.. blah blah blah.

Every now and then, I duck into the Select A Candidate interface to see the cumulative responses are adding it up in some areas. I’m less interested in how the candidates stack up — it shows you who people’s views align with most, not who people embrace.

But I like to see what people consider most important issues. Keep in mind, the default setting is “somewhat important,” but people have to select a “radio” button to change it to, for example, “most important.” Remember I reset the statistics after the primary election. Here’s what people have said in the gov’s race:


By the way, ignore the “death penalty” results as I just added that question yesterday, via Tim Pugmire’s story.

On to the Senate race…


And just for the heck of it, I ducked in to look at how KPCC’s Select A Candidate governor’s race is going where issues are concerned, just to see how California folks view the issues. They’re using the same program to build it we are (built by our very own I.T. genius Andy Beger, by the way), which gives me access to the data.


There you go.

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