The Weekend Digest: 10-15-06

Sunday’s Meet the Press Debate between Republican Mark Kennedy and DFLer Amy Klobuchar leads the digest. AP has a story here.

You can watch the debate here.

The Star Tribune has a new poll out saying Klobuchar is leading Kennedy by 21 percentage points.

The Los Angeles Times says Washington is dragging on Kennedy and other candidates.

Forum Communications Don Davis says energy policy is a big issue between the candidates.

The Star Tribune’s Eric Black says Kennedy’s ads on immigration are false.

Kennedy calls him a “liberal reporter” on Meet the Press. The blog, Kennedy vs. The Machine, says the ads are true and cites this source.

Etrucker says trucking donations are going to kennedy

This Yale Herald article mentions Klobuchar.

A Star Tribune poll says Democrat Mike Hatch is leading Republican Governor Pawlenty in the race for governor.

The paper also has a profile of Hatch and asks and answers five questions about Hatch.

The Strib’s Dane Smith says the race for governor has cracked the top ten.

The Strib’s Pat Doyle says the candidates for governor are touting their hunting and fishing credentials.

The legal challenge to Governor Pawlenty’s JOBZ plan is thrown out. AP and the Pi Press have stories.

Star Tribune columnist Doug Grow wonders where the lieutenant governor candidates are.

Well,, Doug, The mac weekly says one of them is right here.

Hatch and Judi Dutcher held a news conference complaining about rising property taxes. The news conference comes on the heels of this Star Tribune story. Hatch offered no solution to the problem. The House GOP also held a news conference saying they have a solution (it was the same solution that didn’t pass last legislative session).

The candidates for Congress are getting some play. The Bemidji Pioneer has a story on Friday’s debate between DFL Congressman Jim Oberstar and Republican Rod Grams.

The Star Tribune has a profile on the 8th and on Oberstar and Grams.

The paper also has stories on the candidates in the 1st Congressional District, GOP Congressman Gil Gutknecht and DFLer Tim Walz.

WCCO has a profile of DFLer Patty Wetterling, who is running in Mn’s 6th Congressional District. Minnesota Monitor says her Republican opponent, Michele Bachmann, was campaigning at some churches over the weekend. They wonder if the church violated their 501c3 status.

MPR has a story on Muslims energized to vote for Keith Ellison. Ellison is the DFLer running in the 5th.

The Pi Press takes a look at the candidates for auditor.

The West Central Tribune has a profile of DFL Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson and his GOP opponent Joe Gimse.

The Mankato Free Press has a story on the legislative candidates running in 25a.

The Rochester Post Bulletin has a story on the Liebling/Nelson match-up. It’s like Ali/Frazier. This is bout number three. I was trying to think of a catchy title for the match-up like “Thrilla in Manila” or Rumble in the Jungle.” I’m drawing a blank. Any suggestions? (UPDATE: How about the brew ha ha in rocha cha cha?)

The New York Times has a story saying this election comes down to Democratic Intensity versus the GOP machine. Funny, I thought elections were about issues.

Congressional Quarterly says negative ads are ruling the day. I may change my mind on that whole “issues” comment.

Finally this message: Kids, if you work hard and study up you may be in Congress one day. Oh, but make sure you have nice hair and teeth. Yeah, maybe it’s not all about the issues.