The week that was

In case folks hadn’t read the story in the Star Tribune reporting that 5th District candidate Alan Fine had records of an arrest for domestic assault expunged, the Alan Fine campaign helped by putting out a news release asking it to be retracted.

We are deeply concerned about the apparently strategic release of this story due to the close proximity of the general election on November 7 and following the critical campaign mailing to 100,000 voters in the 5th district regarding factual information which specifically connects Keith Ellison to a questionable organization. We also feel that this story was written in retaliation to Alan Fine’s making public his displeasure that the StarTribune refused to publish his recent Op-Ed submission (which can be found at and to mute the claims made in this latest mailing piece. It is our hope that we will have a response from the StarTribune in a timely manner regarding this demand of apology and retraction. “It is my hope, that this kind of abuse of the power of the Minnesota media would not become the norm or politics as usual fof future candidates.”

After a week like this in politics, all I can say is… “there’s a norm?”

  • MG

    Not that I like either candidate, but really, where is the MSM story on Ellison’s 911 call, restraining order, and upcoming court appearance due to a situation/relationship with a woman other than his wife.

    When I first started reading the coverage of the 5th, I thought the reporting was not only amaturish and sloppy, but totally lacked any investigation on any of the primary candidates, which I thought was due because of the short vetting system. But now I can’t fault the reporter, it is the political editors that are beyond weak and biased. Kate Parry where are you when we need you.

    And by the way, can the MSM find anyone else to quote but Larry Jacobs….please, he says the same ol same ol all the time. He is so afraid of going out on any sort of a limb to give real analysis. We are surrounding by top institutions, so reporters get a new card for your roledex. There are other political scientist that might just bring some new, diverse perspective. GAWD these strip reporters are lazy.

  • Bob Collins

    Good idea. List your favorite local political scientists.

    I can think of only two that I hear all the time

    Larry Jacobs

    Steven Schier

    Who else is out there that you enjoy?

  • Jeff

    I’ve always been partial to Schier. He taught the one poli sci course I had at Carleton, and it was quite enjoyable.