The way it’s supposed to be

Any doubt that Kerri Miller is one of the best interviewers in the Twin Cities — and I know there really weren’t any — should’ve been erased with this morning’s riveting interview/grilling of DFL candidate Amy Klobuchar.

Very respectful. Very tough.

My favorite questions:

  • “What do you think the lawyers and the law firms that have given your campaign over $600,000 want?”
  • “What’s risky about a Democrat saying ‘roll back the taxes on the rich,’?”

    She (Kerri) also uttered my favorite words… “you didn’t answer my question.”

    Mark Kennedy and Robert Fitzgerald get their turn later this week. Be ready, boys!

    • m.martin

      super interview. Amy needs to learn to flow w/ probing questions, rather then being defensive. Kerri is one of the best when it comes to indepth interviews.