The Digest #2

I missed some things earlier today so it’s time to do some cleaning up around this place. Many thanks to Tom Erickson in the governor’s office for telling me I missed something. We aim to please at Polinaut. Send me a note or link of anything you think should make the digest.

Let’s start with the big miss of the morning. Don Davis, with Forum Communications, has profiles of Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty, DFLer Mike Hatch and I-P candidate Peter Hutchinson.

Last night’s debate in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District can be heard here.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler has an interesting profile on Mark Kennedy (is that “windy” he’s playing on the piano?)

Republican Congressman Gil Gutknecht awards the Bushel Boy USDA grant (subscription required). Have you ever seen that commercial with the guy who keeps talking to the digital recording instead of a human. It always cracks me up when he yells “Big Boy!”

Ok, the legislative races haven’t been getting a whole lot of attention. I’m in a good mood so I’ll put some up.

T.W. Budig reports that GOP State Senator Michael Jungbauer has been hit with some fines by the Campaign Finance Board and a three judge panel will rule on complaints against him on Friday.

Budig also writes that DFL Senator Leo Foley and GOP challenger Scott Schulte have health issues in Senate District 47. I hope you both feel better.

The Star Tribune has a story on GOP candidate Alex Whitney. He’s an openly gay Republican running against DFL House Minority Leader Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Nice story but not sure Whitney will win. You can’t throw a rock in that district without hitting a Democrat.

The Winona Daily News says DFL Senator Steve Murphy and GOP challenger Steve Drazkowski continue to spar.

Finally, MPR has a story saying local governments could be crushed by debt.

  • Mollie G.

    Could you explain the Bushel Boy USDA grant, I couldn’t read the story. Thanks

  • Scott Schulte

    My health issues were very short term and minor. As I write this I just returned from 4 hours of door knocking with another 4 scheduled this afternoon. Senator Foley on the other hand has fractured his Tibia and will be out of action until AFTER November 7, 2006. Just a quick update!!! Kind Regards, Scott