The Daily Digest: 10-30-06

Get out the vote efforts lead the digest today and will stay near the top from here on out. Republican Governor Pawlenty, DFLer Mike Hatch and the I-P’s Peter Hutchinson are out on the campaign trail today. The Ap’s Brian Bakst kicks off the start of the horse race coverage with this story.

There also seems to be an increase in absentee ballot requests says KARE-11.

The Governor’s Race

Hutchinson was on MPR’s Midmorning program. You can listen here.

The St. Cloud Times has a story that both Hatch and Pawlenty will campaign in St. Cloud today.

Last night the three participated in a KSTP-TV debate. MPR, the Star Tribune, the Pi Press and the AP have stories.

There were plenty of endorsement over the weekend. And all three candidates can celebrate. The Rochester Post Bulletin and the Star Tribune’s Dennis Anderson endorse Pawlenty.

The Star Tribune and the Mankato Free Press endorse Hatch.

The Pi Press endorses Hutchinson.

I guess that clears that up.

WCCO’s Pat Kessler profiles Pawlenty and Hutchinson.

The Star Tribune profiles Pawlenty, details his track record and lists some things you don’t know about him.

The opening lines of this AP story on Hutchinson are marvelous.

Don Davis, with Forum Communications, has a story that says the race for governor hinges on education and health care.

U.S. Senate race

Amy Klobuchar will also be working the GOTV stuff and will have some help from a friend from Illinois. Illinois Senator, and possible presidential hopeful, Barack Obama will hold a rally for Klobuchar and 1st District congressional candidate Tim Walz in Rochester tonight. Klobuchar’s camp expects 1,000 people at the event.

Former V.P. Al Gore will hold a rally for Klobuchar on Thursday.

Klobuchar also racked up the endorsements over the weekend. The Star Tribune and the Pi Press backed her.

Oh, there was also a debate last night. KSTP-TV and the League of Women Voters also hosted a U.S. Senate debate on Sunday. MPR, the Star Tribune, the Pi Press and the AP have stories.

Klobuchar is also leading Kennedy in campaign cash in the bank account. The Star Tribune takes a look at where the money is coming from.

Speaking of fundraiaing, Forum Communications Scott Wente has an interesting look at fundraising and finds that most prefer to write a check.

The Wall Street Journal’s opinion page mentions Kennedy’s ad in an online forum.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler also reality checks the comments the late Senator Paul Wellstone made before the war.

The 1st

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the race in Minnesota’s 1st District and describes Democrat Tim Walz as an “everyman.”

The Washington Post puts the 1st and the 6th in its list of top 35 races.

The Post also mentions the 1st as one of the races the Dems could win.

The Wall Street Journal wonders if all those pundits are right.

The Rothenberg Political Report also mentions Walz in this write-up.

One reason Walz may be gaining ground is because voter sentiment may be changing in the Midwest, says CQ Politics.

Forum Communications also says Democrats are seeing a boost in rural support.

The 6th

The Star Tribune has a story on the candidate debate between Republican Michele Bachmann, Democrat Patty Wetterling and the I-P’s John Binkowski.

WCCO-TV talks about Bachmann’s church. In particular, a church plank that says the Pope is the antichrist.

The 8th

Dick Kekempthorne was in Minnesota to campaign for Republican Rod Grams.

Fox News covers the race.

But Forum Communications says Oberstar would be Transportation Chair if he’s reelected and Democrats take control of the House.

Attorney General

The Pi Press takes a look at the race

Secretary of State

Forum Communications takes a look at the candidates and where they stand on the photo id law.

Lt. Gov.

The candidates debated on TPT’s Almanac. The Star Tribune has a story. The Bemidji Pioneer also writes up Lt. Governor Molnau’s visit.

The Legislature.

The Star Tribune wonders if Democrats can take control of the Minnesota House. They also have ten races to watch.

One of those races is House District 20B between DFL incumbent Lyle Koenen and Republican Scott VanBinsbergen. The West Central Tribune has profiles of Koenen and VanBinsbergen.

The St. Cloud Times also takes a look at the race in House District 13A between DFLer Bruce Schuck and GOP incumbent Bud Heidgerken.

The Brainerd Post Dispatch also takes a look at the race in Senate District 12.

It’s also meet the candidates night in Melrose.

The Grand Forks Herald says the GOP is targeting DFL incumbent Bernie Lieder.

The Red Wing Republican Eagle says the Senate District 28 race is getting nasty.

WCCO-TV says the grocers are mounting a campaign to sell wine in grocery stores.

Odds and ends

The Star Tribune takes a look at the young policy wonks.

Fox 9 has a story asking if the DFL endorsed candidate in the Hennepin County Sheriffs race

actually lives in Hennepin County.

And finally, do you vote for the dead guy?

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