The Daily Digest: 10-27-06

Turnout leads the digest. The GOP started its push to get their voters to the polls. Candidates for governor, congress and U.S. Senate held news conferences back to back to back to talk about the Iraq war, the war on terror and immigration. Why? The Pi Press says that’s what Republican voters care about. MPR focuses on all of the immigration ads that are running on behalf of GOP candidates. (I’ll post link once it’s up). Polls show immigration is tied for the #1 issue among conservative Republicans (the war on terror is the other). KARE-11 focuses on the immigration debate in the governor’s race.

The Washington Post says it’s kitchen sink time for the GOP.

One potential turnout tool that will not be used is gay marriage, at least in MN’s 6th, says Republican Michele Bachmann.

The Democrats are relying on their national heavyweights to rally their troops. And it looks like they’ll be working hard for DFLer Tim Walz in the 1st Congressional District. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and Illinois Senator Barack Obama will be holding rallies in the 1st for Walz and U.S. Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar next week.

The 1st District race between Walz and Gutknecht is getting plenty of attention. In fact, we were just alerted that the DCCC has included the race in its red to blue status. That means oodles and oodles and oodles of dough on behalf of Walz. AP has a profile of the race. A group known as Vote Vets is also running ads critical of Gutknecht. The Star Tribune writes about the ad and the ad buy.

Republican Mark Kennedy, running for the U.S. Senate, is challenging Amy Klobuchar to a debate on Iraq and nothing else.

AP takes a look at all of the fundraising numbers. Kennedy’s campaign hasn’t released their numbers.

The Pi Press has a profile of Amy Klobuchar, the DFL candidate for U.S. Senate.

The Wall Street Journal mentions Kennedy’s first ad in this story.

The Star Tribune says the pace has quickened in the governor’s race.

Pawlenty campaigns in Stillwater.

The Red Wing Republican Eagle and the St. Cloud Times endorse Pawlenty.

The Albert Lea Tribune endorses Hatch.

KSTP-TV will host two debates on Sunday. One on the U.S. Senate race. One on the governor’s race.

KSTP-TV will also have a 6th District debate tonight (FRI). WCCO-TV has one on Saturday.

MPR’s Tim Pugmire has a profile on the contest in the 6th.

Republican Michele Bachmann and DFLer Patty Wetterling, two of the candidates running in the 6th, are just raising oodles and oodles and oodles of cash.

The Strib also fact checks a DCCC ad that criticizes Bachmann.

The Pi Press endorses Wetterling.

Hello there, 7th District congressional candidates. Thanks for meeting in a debate so we can include you in the digest.

The Star Tribune and the AP take a look at the candidates for auditor.

Lt. Governor Carol Molnau will be in Bemidji.

The candidates for Lieutenant Governor will also be on TPT’s Almanac show tonight.

Lavender Magazine lists the GLBT friendly candidates. The magazine and Jesse Ventura also endorse I-P member Tammy Lee in Minnesota’s 5th.

USA Today has a story on Lee’s DFL opponent, Keith Ellison and the campaign probably doesn’t like it.

The Worthington Daily Globe also takes a look at the legislative races in that area.

The St. Cloud Times also examines the candidates in Senate District 16.

City Pages takes a look at Alida Messinger.

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