The Daily Digest: 10-26-06

The flap between Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty and DFLer Mike Hatch leads the digest today. Yesterday the argument was over the airwaves and focused on who’s tougher on immigration. Today they argue about the ads.

The AP also has profiles of Pawlenty, Hatch and I-P candidate Peter Hutchinson.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler reality checks Pawlenty’s health care premiums ad.

The Star Tribune takes a look at transportation, the different approaches and where the candidates stand on the issue.

Speaking of transportation, the Transportation Amendment stays on the ballot.

MPR has a story on how the Iraq war is dominating the U.S. Senate race between Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy, DFLer Amy Klobuchar and I-P candidate Robert Fitzgerald.

Kennedy also wants one of the final debates to focus on national security.

His ad also gets written up in “The Fix” for his ad on the war.

The Pi Press and the AP have profiles of Kennedy.

The AP also profiles Klobuchar and Fitzgerald.

Kennedy goes down to Jackson.

ECM Publishing endorses Klobuchar.

Klobuchar visits the north side.

Barack Obama will hold a rally in Rochester on Monday for Klobuchar and 1st District DFL candidate Tim Walz.

First Lady Laura Bush was in Minnesota to hold events for Gil Gutknecht, who is running against Walz, and for Michele Bachmann who is running for Congress in the 6th. MPR, KSTP and the Pi Press have stories.

The Mankato Free Press has a story saying the Ag Sec’y says farmers need Gutknecht. Walz says he’d sit on AG committee.

Walz stumps in Maple River.

Bloomberg reports that Rochester TV stations have been hit with an ad tsunami because of the competitive race down there.

Fox News has has a story on microtargeting in the 1st.

KSTP-TV has a story on the latest poll saying Bachmann is leading DFLer Patty Wetterling. So does the National Review.

ECM Publishers endorse Wetterling.

AP says it’s campaign time for cabinet officials (mentions Johanns visit to MN)

Here comes another one. The Sec’y of the Interior will be in the state on Friday.

Congressman Peterson calls his Iraq war vote a mistake.

The Strib profiles the Secretary of State race.

Finally, CNET lists the worst political site (sorry, it’s not Polinaut).

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