The Daily Digest: 10-19-06

The cameras, the videos and the trackers lead the digest today. Why? Because they’re in the news. MPR has a story on the practice of tracking. The Star Tribune has a story on the folks who taped Republican Michele Bachmann at church and posted it online.

Apparently the pastor who says he would vote for Michele Bachmann can’t vote for Michele Bachmann. Bachmann in running for Congress in Minnesota’s 6th against DFLer Patty Wetterling and I-P member John Binkowski.

The St. Cloud Times has a profile of Bachmann.

Bloomberg says the GOP is faltering in its bid to woo Christian conservatives. Michele Bachmann is one of the candidates that James Dobson says he is working to elect:

In Minnesota, Dobson is trying to engineer a win for Michele Bachmann, a candidate for the House seat being vacated by Republican Mark Kennedy, who is running for the Senate. Bachmann, a Republican who opposes abortion and supported a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriages while in the Minnesota Senate, said the scandals in Washington and Bush’s low approval rating mean she faces a tight race in the socially conservative northern suburbs of Minneapolis.

Low Ebb

“Republicans are at a low ebb tide this year, so it’s not a given the Republicans would hold this seat,” Bachmann, 50, said in an interview.

Focus on the Family operatives plan to distribute 250,000 voter guides in Minnesota churches to reach social conservatives, said Tom Prichard, 47, president of the Minnesota Family Council, a local affiliate of Dobson’s group. “It’s really a volatile election situation,” Prichard said.

A Pi Press editorial warns about politics in the pulpit.

U.S. News and World Report looks at the 6th as a race between female candidates. Binkowski not mentioned. I-P Chair Jim Moore sighs.

USA Today has a story on some of the political ads running in Minnesota

KARE-11 says political ads are coming at warp speed.

The LA Times and the Wall Street Journal says the DCCC has GOP Congressman Gil Gutknecht in their sights.

The Rothenberg Political Report also moves the line on the 1st between Gutknecht and DFLer Tim Walz.

For Democrats, the more interesting long shots may include Rep. Melissa Hart (R-Pa.), whose 4th district gave Bush 54 percent of the vote in 2004 and 52 percent four years earlier. Or Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R), who represents a competitive district in southeastern Minnesota. A true national wave could hit hard in districts like those, creating opportunities that Democrats ought not have in a normal year. That’s why both of these races now are on my list of Democratic challenges to watch.

The Star Tribune has a story on 5th District Congressional candidate Keith Ellison accusing a woman of blackmail. AP also picks up the story.

Ellison will appear at a rally this afternoon with DNC Chair Howard Dean at the U of M. The Star Tribune uses the event to write about the youth vote.

The Pi Press wants to know: What happened to the debates?

Wow, you made it this far in the digest without reading about the race for governor or the race for senate. The Wall Street Journal has a poll saying the governor’s race is tight and Amy Klobuchar leads Mark Kennedy in the Senate race. The Nerd Box (the details) are in an earlier post.

A Princeton University newspaper mentions Klobuchar in a story about blogs and YouTube.

Kennedy is mentioned in this story on immigration. It’s a theme GOP candidates are using nationwide.

Governor Pawlenty and public safety officials release a new internet tool to track and catch sex offenders.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler reality checks the DFL ad criticizing Pawlenty on sex offenders.

The Star Tribune says most nursing homes are free of sex offenders.

Pawlenty is also mentioned in a story saying efforts to help the forest industry is taking shape.

Governor Pawlenty also returned some United Health contributions.

A new poll says Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle is leading his GOP challenger.

State Auditor Pat Anderson is mentioned in stories saying health care costs could crush local governments.

That’s funny because I’m just watching tv here and this Mike Hatch ad is on. It says it’s Tim Pawlenty’s fault that health care costs are going up. Oh, the ad is over. Wait, this Tim Pawlenty ad says it’s Mike Hatch’s fault that health care costs are going up. Wait just one second! Is there politicking going on around here?

The legislative races are getting some coverage.

The Worthington Daily Globe says GOP House Speaker Steve Sviggum stopped by Slayton and The Mankato Free Press says he was in Mankato.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale holds a rally for Democrats in Albert Lea.

The Mankato Free Press also looks at the candidates in District 21.

This Week online also has a ton of profiles of legislative candidates.

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