The Daily Digest: 10-18-06

Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District leads the digest today. I know you were thinking the 6th would but the 1st is getting the attention of the national parties. The 6th already has that attention. The Washington Post, CQ Politics, ABC News and the AP all say the DCCC and the NRCC are getting into the race. There’s been a lot of smoke around this race and now we may be seeing some fire. The race is between GOP Congressman Gil Gutknecht and DFLer Tim Walz.

The Rochester Post Bulletin also says Laura Bush will hold a fundraiser for Gutknecht next week. It’s a statewide tour since she’s also raising money for Michele Bachmann.

Speaking of Bachmann, the 6th is heating up. The Star Tribune and the AP have stories on a complaint to the IRS over a pastor telling his flock that he would personally vote for Michele Bachmann.

The Star Tribune and the AP also have stories on decision by Wetterling’s campaign to fire a campaign staffer.

Hotline has an analysis on the Hatch and Wetterling leads in recent polls.

KTTC has a story on the value of political polls.

WCCO-TV says the DFLers are leading in the polls but not celebrating just yet.

The Star Tribune has a story on where the candidates for governor stand on the environment.

Jeremy Olson, with the Pi Press, writes on where the candidates stand on health care.

Hillary Clinton was in town yesterday to raise money for fellow Democrat Amy Klobuchar. It was closed press but the Star Tribune writes about it anyway.

MPR and the Star Tribune have stories on the debate in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

The St. Cloud Times has a story on a legislative debate in St. Cloud.

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