The Daily Digest: 10-17-06

Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District leads the digest. I remember playing pick-up basketball in my high school years. Whenever a game got close and was hard fought, my buddy David Ramos would yell “It’s on!” Well, dear Polinaut readers, “It’s on in the 6th!”

The Star Tribune has a poll out saying DFLer Patty Wetterling is up eight points over Republican Michele Bachmann. I-P member John Binkowski is polling at four percent.

ABC’s “The Note” says Bachmann is in DC today for a fundraiser with Karl Rove. Wetterling is holding a news conference today on embryonic stem cells. Roll Call reports that Wetterling will be appearing with Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee started running an ad criticizing Republican Michele Bachmann for voting against sex offender legislation.

So we have both national parties running ads and the national muckety mucks raising money for the candidates. Oh, you’re interested in where they stand on the issues. Say hello to the AP’s Martiga Lohn who covered yesterday’s debate.

USA Today mentions Wetterling in a story on how Democrats are outraising the GOP in close House races.

But this Washington Post story says the GOP has an advantage.

But this Wall Street Journal story says the GOP is having trouble raising money.

GOP strategists are now saying the Dems will take control of the House and possibly the Senate.

Rothenberg political report calls the Governor’s race a toss-up.

The Star Tribune and KSTP-TV have stories on the DFL ad critical of governor Pawlenty. The ad comes just in time for Halloween.

KARE-11 focuses on the MNGOP ad critical of Mike Hatch. I get the feeling the parties are trying to drive up the negatives of the candidates.

Don Davis, with Forum Communications, has a story on where the candidates stand on education and health care. He also says I-P candidate Peter Hutchinson is on the campaign trail.

MPR has a story saying the candidates for governor are positioning themselves as crime fighters.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton is in Minneapolis today to raise money for U.S. Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar. Interested in what Clinton is going to say? Sorry, closed press. Hillary Clinton’s possible 2008 presidential opponent John McCain will be in Minnesota right before the election.

Klobuchar held a news conference yesterday saying Republican Mark Kennedy’s ad on her drug plan is false.

The Pi Press says the Senate race is picking up speed.

This tv station picks up on Republican Mark Kennedy’s press release that criticizes Klobuchar on sugar.

Kennedy is mentioned in this story that says President Bush’s unpopularity is hurting GOP candidates.

The Washington Times mentions Klobuchar in this story about a record number of women are headed to the Senate.

MPR has a story focusing on the West Metro races.

Finally, this outlet has a story on the dumbest members of Congress.

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