The Daily Digest: 10-13-06

Minnesota’s 1st District leads the digest today. We begin with this question: Is GOP Congressman Gil Gutknecht in trouble? The Rochester Post Bulletin has a story on a new poll that has Gutknecht and DFLer Tim Walz running neck and neck. The Mankato Free Press has several stories on House Majority Leader John Boehner’s visit to Mankato yesterday to help Gutknecht. The overall story. The protester angle and Boehner’s take on Foley.

Former U.S. Senator Rod Grams says Congressman Jim Oberstar is out of touch with the 8th Congressional District. Grams is challenging Oberstar.

The Star Tribune writes about the 5th Congressional District contest. Rochelle Olson must have writer’s cramp after also writing profiles on DFLer Keith Ellison, Republican Alan Fine, I-P candidate Tammy Lee and Green Party candidate Jay Pond. She also says an Islamic organization will hold a fundraiser for Ellison in Florida. Here’s a question for all of the bloggers wondering if DFL Congressman Martin Sabo is endorsing I-P candidate Tammy Lee. Did his endorsement help Mike Erlandson?

KARE-11 says the senate candidates are getting ready for their Meet the Press debate on Sunday.

The Washington Times mentions Minnesota’s Senate race in a story that focuses on taxes.

DNC Chair Howard Dean will be in town next week.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler reality checks the latest ads by Pawlenty and Hatch.

KARE-11 wonders if these types of ads are effective.

Finally, we say good-bye to CBGBs. The New York night club that gave birth to punk in 1973 and launched bands like the Ramones, Sonic Youth, Bad Brains, Talking Heads, Live and Blondie. It makes me so sad that I could just slam dance.

  • Dan

    Actually, Sabo’s endorsement did help Mike Erlandson, especially toward the end of the primary campaign – bear in mind that Ellison only got 41% of the primary vote. If Ember had dropped out, Erlandson would have won.

    Tammy Lee should ride this to victory – plenty of Democrats are reluctant (rightfully so, after learning of all his shady connections and behavior) to vote for Ellison, and most would rather have somebody who can maintain the legacy of Sabo.

  • Mike Grimes

    Sabo’s “encouragment” is huge for Tammy Lee. The question is and always has been will Ellison slip below 50%, and with the pressence of 3 candidates who should finish above 10% not to mention Jay Pond he will have to slip well under 50% for there to be any oppurtunity. There is no doubt Tammy Lee is the best positioned candidate to capitalize on any oppurtunity, and the support among highly respected people is doing wonders for her campaign.

    Unfortanatly as of yet I don’t have a great reason to assume Ellison will slip under 50%.

    I think Tammy Lee can hit 30’s regardless of what else happens but in this race it’s gonna take low 40’s at minumum to win.