The Daily Digest: 10-4-06

The race in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District leads the digest. A new Reuters/Zogby poll has Republican Michele Bachmann and DFLer Patty Wetterling polling within the margin of error. Bachman is polling at 46%. Wetterling is polling at 43%. The margin of error is 4.5%. Here’s a story on the poll.

The New York Times also has a story on President Bush’s fundraising appearances. Apparently he told Bachmann to take the gloves off:

“The advice, it seems, goes to matters large and small. Michele Bachmann, a Republican running for an open House seat in Minnesota, said Mr. Bush needled her for wearing scalloped pink gloves for a recent presidential visit to her state. ”What are those for?” Mr. Bush said, pointing to the gloves, according to Ms. Bachmann. ”When you campaign, take off the gloves.”

City Pages has a story on Bachmann.

And the Club for Growth is backing Bachmann. The no tax group backed Phil Krinkie before the endorsing convention.

DFLer Patty Wetterling is running an ad calling on House leadership to resign. She’s getting lots of national press attention on this.

CQ Politics says the NRCC is spending a bundle of money in the Sixth.

Get ready for the DFL to go after Bachmann over the fact that the National Republican Congressional Committee hasn’t been returning money it received from Foley’s Political Action Committee and one official said they’d like to get his other campaign money. It may be confusing for voters to follow this flow of money. DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez tries to boil it down with this quote:

“We are going to point out the irony and the hypocrisy of attacking a child safety advocate using money raised from a sexual predator.”

That’s alleged sexual predator, Mr. Chairman. For the record, Michele Bachmann has no control of what the NRCC does because it’s an independent organization.

One thing that could hamstring Wetterling is the price of tv ads. USA Today has a story on the high cost of campaign ads and how it could hamper Democratic candidates. Minnesota is mentioned.

WCCO-TV has primer on campaign advertising.

Guess what? We find out that negative ads work.

Former Governor Jesse Ventura hits the airwaves and the media goes crazy. The Star Tribune and WCCO have stories.

MPR takes a look at the candidates running in the First Congressional District. DFLer Tim Walz also criticizes GOP incumbent Gil Gutknecht for calling the Foley scandal a “distraction” in this Bloomberg article.

Republican Congressman John Kline and DFL challenger Coleen Rowley will debate the issues today on a cable access show.

Roll Call reports that House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-MD, will campaign in Minnesota.

Focus on the Family held a rally last night. AP, KARE-11, MPR and the Star Tribune have stories on their get out the vote efforts.

If the rally goers went for a night cap at a local bar, they may have sat on a patio that was built with taxpayer money according to the St. Paul Pi Press (I know it’s a weak stretch but the story is good).

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell delivers a speech at the University of Minnesota. KARE-11, MPR and the Star Tribune are among the outlets that have stories.

The Star Tribune takes a look at where the U.S. Senate candidates stand on the budget.

State Auditor Pat Anderson is calling for a criminal investigation into the Minneapolis Teacher’s Pension Fund. The Star Tribune and the AP have stories.

The Star Tribune says this is the time lobbyists usually cough up cash.

Governor Pawlenty will hold a meeting in St. Paul on Friday with some Iron Range legislators on the Ainsworth lay-offs.

Pawlenty also wants some accountability.

The GOP endorsed Steve Drazkowski after he won the primary. He’s running against DFL state senator Steve Murphy.

Rothenberg Political report calls the race for control of the Minnesota House a “toss-up.”

Some legislative candidates debate in Bemidji.

Another candidate asks voters not to vote for him. Really.

A Maine Senator says she doesn’t like the “imposter lobster.” C’mon try it with your best Maine accent “impostah lobstah!”

Finally, a good-bye to New York Times journalist R.W. Apple. He covered everything from wars to politics to food. He’s a journalism legend. A mighty oak has fallen, my friends.

  • Great round-up today, Tom.

  • Demrock6

    This is a grat point:

    “We are going to point out the irony and the hypocrisy of attacking a child safety advocate using money raised from a sexual predator.”

    Bob is there really much point to call Foley an alleged sexual predator? Do you feel ‘alleged’ is necessary? I know innocent till proven guilty but he has admitted that he did indeed send the IM’s and emails.

    And yes, Bachmann can ask the NRCC to stop running ads.

    It was 98 or 2004 Russ Feingold stated “I don’t want any DSCC money coming into this race”. The DSCC spent money anyway. Russ put his foot down saying the DSCC was destroying his creditability, and then the ads stopped. So yes they can ask committees to stop spending.

  • Tom Scheck

    Bob didn’t post this entry. I did. Alleged is necessary. Bachmann can ask but they don’t have to listen. I’m just reporting that they’re an independent group so people don’t get confused. Thanks for your post.

  • Karl

    I agree, Jeff–excellent roundup, starting with that terrific City Pages piece on Michele Bachmann. It should be required reading for every 6th CD voter. G.R. Anderson finally told the story that should have been told about Bachmann and her husband years ago.

    Michele always has wanted to be a cover girl. Somehow I don’t think this is what she had in mind.

  • Bill Prendergast


    To the best of your knowledge, *has* Bachmann asked the NRCC to stop sending anti-Wetterling mailers with deceptive or false statements in them?

  • bsimon

    I’m suspecting Ms. Bachmann will start asking, once the DCC starts tying Foley to NRCC to Bachmann…

  • Karl

    In Michele Bachmann’s response to the Capitol Hill sexual predator scandal/cover-up involving Former Congressman Mike Foley and his enablers like House Speaker Denny Hastert and NRCC Chair Tom Reynolds, Bachmann cites SF 1400, the “Internet Crimes Agianst Children Task Force,” as evidence that she’s done something to protect the children.

    SF 1400 was introduced March 3, 2005, with Bachmann, Mady Reiter and Mike McGinn as authors. It was referred to the Crime and Public Safety Committee. Then on April 4, Reiter withdrew it and re-referred it to the Finance Committee, and two days later withdrew it again and re-referred it back to Crime and Public Safety. It hasn’t been heard from since. Its companion bill in the House, HF 3725, never got a hearing either.

    There you have it. That’s what Michele Bachmann has done to protect children from internet sexual predators like Foley and their enablers like Hastert and Reynolds. She slapped her name on a bill and walked away from it.

    That’s Bachmann’s trademark M.O. She did the same thing with her “I’m a tax cutter” ad. Cite a bunch of bills that went nowhere and claim you did something.

    This is what Wetterling’s website says about Bachmann’s effectiveness as a legislator:

    “While in the state Senate, Bachmann was the chief author of 203 bills. Twelve of those bills were adopted signed laws or successfully enrolled resolutions, a 5.9 percent overall passage rate. [MN State Legislature]”

    What a fraud Michele Bachmann is.