The Daily Digest: 10-2-06

Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy is back in Washington after finishing up his work in Congress. That means Kennedy will be making many more campaign stops over the next month. This morning he visited a daycare in Lakeville, toured some businesses in Red Wing and also checked out the Prairie Island nuclear facility.

The Star Tribune also has a profile of Kennedy in Sunday’s paper. They take a look at his record on Monday.

Kennedy’s DFL opponent, Amy Klobuchar was on MPR’s Midmorning program. You can listen to that here.

Klobuchar also wrapped up her statewide tour on Friday. She visited every county in the state during her senate campaign. If elected, she promises to visit every county in the state for every year she’s in office. MPR also took a look at the crime discussion in the race. The Mesabi Daily News also has an editorial criticizing Klobuchar over the blogger flap.

The Star Tribune also profiled Independence Party member Robert Fitzgerald over the weekend. Fitzgerald is also working to convince NBC’s Meet the Press to include him in their October 15th debate. He urged supporters to contact NBC and urge network officials to invite him:

This campaign is involved in every U.S. Senate debate in Minnesota. Meet the Press is conducting a debate with the U.S. Senate candidates on October 15th, but with one glaring omission. I have yet to receive an invite to the debate. The campaign and the party have been pressing hard, but now is the time for you to email the producers of Meet the Press and insist that all three major party candidates participate in the debate. Let Meet the Press know how important it is to hear from the three major parties here in Minnesota.

The Rochester Post Bulletin also had an interesting story over the weekend saying the GOP can’t take the area for granted anymore.

The Red Wing Republican Eagle has a story on Republican state senate candidate Steve Drakowski’s efforts to bring the party together. He was in a nasty primary battle which left some party faithful upset. Drakowski hopes to get the GOP endorsement (after the primary) tonight.

The Pi Press has a story saying Congressman John Kline and Congressman Gil Gutknecht have turned down debates.

MPR looks at the race in the 8th between DFL Congressman Jim Oberstar and former GOP Senator Rod Grams.

DFLer Patty Wetterling calls for anyone in Congress who knew that former Florida Congressman Mark Foley was sending e-mail to Congressional pages should resign. Stories are here, here and here.

USA Today calls Governor Pawlenty’s tv ads “snappy.”

Pawlenty says he still owes on an old baseball bet.

This is just a great headline.

Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten writes about DFL gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch.

Here’s a roundup of some of the tv ads running

There were plenty of convention stories. You can ready about them here, here and here.

A writer for the Weekly Standard (AKA powerline) is critical of Keith Ellison.

Sen. Norm Coleman’s father pleads guilty.

The Charlotte Observer says former V.P. candidate John Edwards was campaigning nonstop for candidates (including two in MN).

The Wall Street Journal says campaigning on the wage gap (which is something Edwards often mentions) is risky.

The Washington Post says Democrats hope to gain a majority in Legislatures across the country. Minnesota is mentioned.

Finally, there were two stories taking a look at the evangelical vote. The LA Times says pastors are politicking. The Chicago Tribune says Christian voters will be staying home this year.

James Dobson with Focus on the Family will be holding an event at the Xcel Energy Center on Tuesday night. OutFront Minnesota (a gay rights organization) will be holding a counter protest.

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