The Cabbage Patch campaign

I watched –without commenting — last week as the blogosphere around here went hyperspeed on the question of Michael Brodkorb’s funding. It seems like only yesterday I posted this little number.

But that was before it became “cool” to talk about who’s paying whom to write what. Figures. I’m always late to the cool party.

Anyway, the latest salvo in this blogosphere civil war is Brodkorb (at Minnesota Democrats Exposed) has turned the tables on the folks who wrote about him last week.

My disclaimer. I’m not paid to blog. Or maybe I am. I’m not sure. I do a lot of it on my own time and I don’t get paid extra to do it and I didn’t stop doing what I was getting paid for to do it. And as far as I know, the success of Polinaut did nothing to help me in this year’s performance review. But, then, again, nothing can help me there.

But it looks like you can make some decent bread doing this blogging stuff.