Sports stars raise $ for Klobuchar

Just received this fundraising notice from the Klobuchar campaign (I added the hyperlinks):

Please join

Sam and Sylvia Kaplan along with

Jim Klobuchar and Special Guests

Bill Brown * Jerry Burns * Billy Bye

Paul Dickson * Vern Gagne

Mick Tinglehoff * Trent Tucker

Honoring Minnesota’s next

United States Senator

Amy Klobuchar

For a pre Vikings game brunch

Sunday, October 22, 2006

12:00noon -2:00pm

At the home of Sam & Sylvia Kaplan

As you know, Amy’s father, Jim Klobuchar is a retired sports writer for the Star Tribune and may have something to do with bringing this group together.

I’m also filing this under the “you learn something new every day category” on Verne Gagne:

“Verne had four Big Ten Wrestling Championships, two NCAA Wrestling Championships, the 1949 AAU Wrestling Championship and a slot on the 1948 United States Olympic team on his resume.

Following a brief stint playing for the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, Verne turned to professional wrestling…”

and on Trent Tucker:

The Trent Tucker Rule

On January 15, 1990, when Tucker was with New York, with 0.1 remaining in a game against the Bulls, he unbelievably got off a wild three-point shot off at the buzzer and the three unbelievably went in. The basket counted and the Knicks won. The NBA then established a rule that states that “0.3 needs to be on the clock in order for a player to get a shot off whether they make it or not.”

  • Bob Collins

    I think that game was against *my* guys — the Celtics — wasn’t it? Used to be a good rivalry.