Sandy Keith for Pawlenty

Barry Casselman told me this at lunch today and I hadn’t heard about it. Now I’ve just seen an AP story cross and here it is:

A Democrat who served in all three branches of government gave

his backing Friday to Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s re-election


Sandy Keith, who served as a state senator, as lieutant governor

and as Supreme Court chief justice, said Pawlenty was taking

Minnesota in the right direction.

“During the past four years, he’s shown courage and tenacity in

tackling tough economic issues and his efforts have brought our

state budget into balance,” Keith said in a written statement.

Barry told me today, by the way, that Sandy Keith knows everything about every legislative race in the state. I’d love to spend some time with him next week. Maybe time and fortune will allow. That would be fun.

  • Sandy Keith hasn’t acted like a Democrat for years. I don’t know why people keep calling him one.