Rasmussen Senate poll: No big news

I’ve seen some folks here and there alluding to the Rasmussen poll that’s out this week but since it’s premium content and I’m not a premium guy, I haven’t seen the numbers. But Electoral Vote Predictor has.

53% Klobuchar… 39% Kennedy. The poll release date was Wednesday. It’s a 2-point slip from the previous month.

On September 1, that was a 47-40 spread.

The current numbers match the August poll. It was just a 3-percent lead for Kloubhcar in June.


  • It would appear that once again, and unfortunately, my home state of Minnesota is on the verge of sending another Socialist to the United States Senate.

    What will be the impact on our country? We know the Cultural Left from which she comes. The Democrat party by virtue of their words and deeds is unserious about the defense of this country. Klobuchar will do everything in her capacity as a Senator to hinder the efforts in the war on terror. She will be on the wrong side of intelligence gathering, the wrong side of defense appropriations, the wrong side of illegal combatant detention and the wrong side of the public foreign policy debate.

    Naturally she will be on the wrong side of tax and fiscal policy. Raising taxes, thus decreasing economic growth and concomitant incoming federal revenue. Why is this true? Beacuse if you tax something you ALWAYS GET LESS of it. As a Nation we need more economic growth (ie: taxable business activity) not less.

    As they themselves have demonstrated repeatedly by both word and deed the Democrat view on taxation is based in an arrogance that “Washington knows best.” With respect to the people’s money the Democrat guiding pricipal is “What’s ours is ours’ what’s yours is negotiable.” I for one do not need these “vision of the annointed” liberals deciding how to spend MY money. Ronald Reagan said “The people can best decide how to spend their own money, and as such should be able to keep more of what is rightfully theirs.” He was right when he said this in 1980 and this is still right today.

    She will be on the wrong side of judicial nominees. Opposing our President’s judicial nominees and favoring activist leftist judges who legislate from the bench instead of originalist judges who interpret the constitution AS WRITTEN by the Founding Fathers.

    She will be on the wrong side of cultural issues. Reliably supporting the ACLU in their on-going attacks on the Judeo-Christian traditions upon which this country was founded.

    She will be on the wrong side of business creation and promotion. One example: The Left is always trying to raise taxes on the so-called rich. The recent book co-authored by James Carville and Paul Begala (Clinton administration political operatives) on page 267 recommends a 15% tax hike on all wage earners making income over $120,000 per year. Or as they say “and all income over $120,000 would be taxed at a 39.6 per cent rate-the same top marginal rate we had in the Clinton economy. ” “That’s a good start.”

    No, it’s not. Here’s why. What these 2 Leftists conveneintly fail to tell you is that many people who SHOW UP as the higher income earners are actually Subchapter S small businesses FILING THEIR TAXES AS higher income single earners or married couples filing jointly.

    Here’s why this is BAD. Government statistics will demonstrate that 70% of all NEW jobs creation in the United States is done by SMALL BUSINESS. Go back to our earlier point. “If you tax something you GET LESS OF IT.”

    So IF your objective is jobs creation and tax base expansion, THEN raising taxes on small business is the DUMBEST THING YOU CAN DO.” Our country deserves a United States Senator who is smarter than this. Such is not found in Amy Klobuchar………………………

    It has been said “to whom according to his needs, from whom according to his means.” That was Karl Marx. Sure sounds like the modern Democrat party. The American people and the good people of Minnesota deserve better.

    You cannot have robust economic growth (ie-increasing the ambient wealth of the country) without some individuals doing very well. So what. Let them. Again supported by government statistics, upper income individuals pay far more IN in taxes than they ever TAKE BACK OUT in terms of government financed goods and services. Those folks are a BARGAIN for the federal government. MAKE MORE OF THEM!!!

    My home state is on the verge of putting this one in the Senate. How sad. I am now and forever will remain a red state Texan.

  • Mike

    I’d like to thank Jeff for his posting regarding the MN Senate race and why Amy Klobuchar is wrong for Minnesota. I found it very well-reasoned and informative.

    There are many more issues on which Klobuchar will fail Minnesotans. I’d like to add one to Jeff’s list – and that is campaign finance reform (CFR). To the intellectually honest, CFR is more accurately coined the Free Speech Limitations Act by which an individual’s speech (via their free choice of financial contribution) is stifled. True and effective CFR would simply include a full disclosure requirement.

    So in the spirit of full disclosure, I am proud to say that I know Jeff.