Politics: Beats getting beaten up at recess

I love kids. I hated junior high school. I love this story:

Theory: our politicians can behave an awful lot like seventh graders. Fact: Seventh grade is a great place to break into politics.

It’s from a Loop show coming up Friday night. But I’m sprinkling some of the stories around over the next day or so, including Tom Scheck’s fine story. And first thing up in the morning I’ll have one that looks at the non-voters that Sanden Totten did.


Disclaimer: I ran for student council in high school. I couldn’t come up with a speech on my own so I stole the one my sister gave the previous year. It was a great speech, delivered expertly. I got my rear end kicked in the election. They went with some football player.

  • MR

    When I was in high school, someone managed to crack the computer system and insert a student who didn’t actually exist.

    They then ran the new student for student council, and managed to get more votes than anybody had ever gotten in the history of the school.

  • http://albatross.org Albatross

    As a high school freshman, I had only lived in Minnesota for a single year, and met only a few friends during eighth grade. One girl I had met liked me (not enough to DATE, but as a friend) and thought I was smart and funny. The entire 9th grade class was gathered in the gym to elect class officers, and they called for nominations: I was surprised when she stood up and nominated me! Wow, I thought, I could be CLASS PRESIDENT!

    Then they asked for us to vote by a show of hands. One kid got about a third of the vote, another kid got about a third of the vote, then they came to me.

    Nobody voted.

    Not even the girl who had nominated me.

    Everybody laughed.

    If seventh grade is a good time to get into politics, ninth grade is a really good time to get turned off politics forever….