Politics, these days, is like painting bridge. As soon as you finish, it’s time to start again. As Campaign 2006 winds down, a few of us around the Dilbertian-village are planning the Campaign 2008 site.

Barry Casselman is doing the same thing. The Minneapolis writer has a piece in the Washington Times today looking at the 2008 race, now that Barack Obama is thinking about jumping in.

I think we got an early look at the anti-Barack sentiment; from the Strib, no less.

Obama, by the way, is going to be in Minneapolis on Monday. He’s got a book-signing event at one of the big chains downtown. It’ll be interesting to see what the turnout is.

He’ll be in Rochester at 5, supporting 1st District challenger Tim Walz.

If you want to get warmed up for Obamapalooza, here’s his 2004 convention speech. And here’s his stump speech, when he was in town for Klobuchar last spring.

Random thoughts: We look for political entertainment whereever we can find it. I’ve started a new political race at my house. Which category “wins” the junk mail race: political mailings or credit card offers.

  • This post is not germain to the subject, but I wanted to again air my dissatisfaction with MPR’s refusal to cover all the legitimate candidates in statewide races.

    I am an independent candidate for State Representative in district 58A, and though I have not had any MPR coverage, I am not writing to protest on my own behalf. I will just say that state legislative races have been very poorly covered by all of our news services, and that as a result, many incumbents who do not deserve re-election will win their races.

    I am writing to protest the exclusion of Dave Berger, the Green Party candidate for State Auditor, from the State Auditor debate.

    I had the pleasure of appearing with Mr. Berger at the Patrick Henry High School political forum last month, and he is a highly qualified candidate for this office. He undertook to collect signatures statewide in order to earn his position on the ballot, and had to work harder than any of the other candidates in his race.

    Mr. Mulcahy indicated in a previous polinaut post that minor party candidates for statewide office would be given more coverage after the primaries. MPR has not followed through on this promise.

    I have decided not to renew my membership to Minnesota Public Radio this year in response to the anti-democratic and biased campaign coverage offered through this news service.

    MPR sends the message to concerned citizens that they should either join a party or that their contributions to our democratic process are worthless.

    This is the wrong message for a public news service to send.

    I will rejoin MPR when they overturn their “general policy” of covering only major party candidates in favor of covering all candidates who appear on the general election ballot.

    I hope that you might forward my comments to your program director, Chris Washington, and to the president of MPR.

    Warmest Regards,

    Justin C. Adams, Independent Candidate, House

    District 58A, North Minneapolis

  • Your Real Audio clip for the Obama stump speech for Klobuchar has a several-second gap of silence in it, about halfway through.