No Kennedy on Midday

Rep. Mark Kennedy’s folks have gotten back to the Midday producer with an answer to the offer of an hour of airtime as part of their “Meet the Candidate series.”

The answer was “no,” same answer that Midmorning got when they were presenting an hour with each Senate candidate a couple of weeks ago. Schedules are tough but the last time I checked with the Midmorning producer, the offer went something like this: “pick your day.”

Kennedy is said to be campaigning in southern Minnesota instead.

If the Campaign 2006 Mark Kennedy page is correct (and it may not be, I don’t know how it was updated in my two months’ off), the last time Kennedy was on Midday (or any other call-in program on MPR) (on phone from Washington) was in March. (Listen here).

I’ve got Amy Klobuchar down for 6 appearances (including an MPR debate with Ford Bell) since last November. And Robert Fitzgerald down for 3 since June. None of these include the MPR State Fair debate.

On the governor’s race, I’ve got Mike Hatch listed for 3 talk shows here. Tim Pawlenty 4, Peter Hutchinson 6.

Kennedy has agreed to the traditional Sunday night last debate at the Fitzgerald Theater. From the looks of it, it appears the political strategy in his camp is debates, not talk shows.

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