It’s been a pretty busy day so I felt it was important to add another digest.

Minnesota sees a spike in job losses. Ordinarily, unemployment numbers don’t even make the digest. But it’s three weeks until election day and the numbers aren’t good. Governor Pawlenty also put himself in a pickle when he touted the state’s job growth during the summer. MPR, the Star Tribune and the AP have stories.

The Ap’s Brian Bakst also has a look at the governor’s race.

T.W. Budig says only one of the three candidates for governor supports a gas tax increase.

Budig also has a story on Pawlenty campaigning in the north metro.

Fred Frommer, with the AP, says a complaint has been filed over a pastor’s endorsement of Republican Michele Bachmann in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District. The IRS says it’s a big no no to endorse a candidate.

The blogs are also going crazy over the firing of a Patty Wetterling staffer (Wetterling is the DFLer running against Bachmann for those of you who just woke up from a coma). You can read the details here, here and here. The AP also has a story on the flap.

MPR’s Tim Pugmire also includes it in his round-up of the day’s events in the 6th.

Democrat Amy Klobuchar, who’s running for the U.S. Senate, is mentioned in this story on getting single women to vote.

Klobuchar also appeared on MPR’s Midday program today. You can listen here.

Republican Mark Kennedy decided not to participate in MPR’s Meet the Candidates series and declined repeated invitations to appear on Midday or Midmorning.

Klobuchar will also appear at an evening fundraiser with New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Washington Senator Patty Murray and Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln. Klobuchar’s folks wouldn’t disclose how much the fundraiser would fetch. They said they expect 250 people.

The candidates in the 5th and the 8th Congressional Districts will debate tonight.

Former Governor Arne Carlson endorses Rebecca Otto, the DFL candidate for Minnesota Auditor.

The Star Tribune also has a story on Judy Johnson/Terri Bonoff race in the west metro.

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