Details… details

In the 6th District “debate” currently on Midday, Michele Bachmann just mentioned the threat against NFL stadiums to buttress her position on the “war against terror.”

In case you haven’t heard — she apparently hasn’t — it was a hoax by some 20-year-old loser, according to the FBI.

Update: 5th District “debate” here. 6th District debate here. (Audio for the 6th should be in place on that page by 1:30)

I’m trimming up the front and back of the encoded audio to get rid of the pledge drive stuff.

  • Oops. That’s the kind of thing campaign staff really needs to stay on top of.

    (Will audio of the 6th District Midday segment be available later?)

  • Karl

    Details, indeed.

    Bachmann also repeatedly referred to herself as a “tax litigation attorney.” So, once more for Gary Eichten:

    Michele Bachmann is NOT a “tax litigation attorney.” She worked as a tax-collection lawyer for the IRS for five years from 1988-93. She hasn’t worked as a lawyer since then–that’s the extent of her legal career. And she refuses to cite a single case she ever “litigated,” making false claims of confidentiality. Furthermore, Bachmann is not even authorized to practice law in the state of Minnesota:

    Perhaps a fact sheet on Bachmann’s five-year legal “career” should be distributed to moderators and audiences before every debate. Kind of a pre-emptive fact check, since we know this lie is going to be repeated by Bachmann numerous times between now and November 7–especially when no one calls her on it.

  • Willie Stark

    Bachmann is just so lovably crazy.


    I know that this has nothing to do with MN but this is vintage GOP: