Complaint central

A group called “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington” has filed a complaint (see pdf) with the IRS, contending the Living Word Christian Center violated the tax code (non-profits and political campaigns) when the church’s pastor personally endorsed her candidacy before Bachmann gave a speech to the assembled.

The Dump Bachmann folks put video up YouTube here, here, and here.

Gotta be careful in those church speeches. You never know who’s watching.

  • Karl

    Pastor James “Mac” Hammond and his wife Lynne, who run the Living Word Christian Center, have given $14,400 to Michele Bachmann’s congressional campaign in 2006 alone. Not bad for a man of the cloth.

    The funny thing is, Hammond lied to his congregation when he said he was voting for Bachmann. He can’t even vote for Michele Bachmann. The Plymouth address listed on their Federal Election Commission filings–it’s not the church address–isn’t even in the 6th CD!

    So Pastor Hammond might get his tax-exempt status yanked for a vote he couldn’t even deliver. Priceless.