Bloomberg’s clinic

I can’t say I’ve been a big Michael Bloomberg fan, but if any politicians are reading this and want to know how to conduct a news conference, watch his peformance on the street near where the Cirrus crashed in Manhattan today. It may have been the finest performance I’ve seen in 30 years of covering politicians.

I’ve looked around for a feed of it online, so far with no luck. Help me out.

8:55 a.m. update Go here. Enter “Bloomberg” in the search box. (h/t Jeff Kouba)

  • This NY CBS website has it, or most of it anyway.

    It’s like CCO’s site. In the Video section in the top right, there is frame you can click on for the press conference with Bloomberg.

  • Mollie

    You’re exactly right. Bloomberg did a brilliant job, and the video should be distributed to other gov execs on as an example of how to handle a crisis communications event. He gave the who, what, where, when…and he delivered it with confidence and assurance just as a leader demonstrating control of the situation should do. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.