Blog burp

Boy, I haven’t done one of these in awhile. This is a look at some blog activity today (this is the blog version of Tom’s digest)

* Electoral Vote Predictor , mostly on the strength of Zogby polls, has Republicans pulling back into a tie in Senate races.

* Jeff Kouba at Bachmann vs. Wetterling explores the meaning of being submissive. ‘Tis a fine line between questioning the political application of religious beliefs and just making fun of one’s political beliefs. Just ask Craig Westover at the end of an engaging thought piece/editorial. Pat Smith at Wetterling vs. Bachmann appears up to the challenge.

* American Hot Sausage takes on Katherine Kersten for taking her material from blogs.

* The Carpetbagger Report suggests Republicans are sounding like Democrats now when it comes to Iraq.

* Minnesota’s in the Middle suggests folks stop polling until it can be done right. Polinaut, by the way, is positively aghast at the number of people who are comparing one poll with another poll and translating it as a shift one way or another. Polinaut hates getting press releases and official e-mail with words spelled wrong too. Polinaut thinks both indicate the same thing.

* Minvolved this week is doing the old “Peter Gammons thing” (back when he was healthy and writing for the Boston Globe in the early ’80s), assigning songs to campaigns. Polinaut doesn’t recognize many of the titles and also wants you kids to turn it down.

* BTW, a few days ago I posted a note about learning more about candidates as people. The Woodbury Bulletin gets it, adding subjects as “pets” and ‘favorite movies” to their brief profiles of local candidates. If Polinaut ends up voting for the bottom-of-the ballot races (he sometimes does), he notes he will have to choose between two candidates, one whose favorite movie is “Caddyshack” and one whose favorite movie is “Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang.” Now, tell him again how you can’t learn anything about a candidate from questions like this.

* NPR’s Ken Rudin talks about key House races that could swing things.

* When Polinaut grows up, he wants to write like Charlie Quimby.

  • Pat Smith at Wetterling vs. Bachmann appears up to the challenge.

    Not sure what you mean by that, but thanks (I think) for the link.